Minecraft for Noobs – Part 3: Swords and Basic Enemies

In this edition of MInecraft for Noobs I’ll be covering the main combat weapon that you will be using to kill the basic enemies of the game and various animals in fields for food, along with explaining the four basic foes in the game that you will encounter constantly at night in darkened areas.


Minecraft for Noobs - Part 3: Swords

This is one of two major combat weapons in Minecraft, but the other requires either a lucky drop from an enemy that is going to be explained later on in this article or materials from various monster drops and block drops that take quite a bit of time to build up a sufficient amount of ammo to make the weapon worth it. To create a sword, you will only need a single stick and 2 of the material it is made of (wood planks, cobblestone, etc).


Minecraft for Noobs - Part 3: Zombies
This is by far the most commonly spawned enemy you will encounter and is probably the easiest to fight without risk of dying or getting hurt just due to the way it is made. He is very easy to kill without being hurt because a sword’s range is longer than a zombie’s melee range and the knockback allows you to stand in the same spot and just whack at the zombie with the sword over and over until he dies.

Possible Drops:

  • Rotten Flesh – Very Common
  • Iron equipment – Very uncommon


Minecraft for Noobs - Part 3: Skeletons
Probably the most annoying mob in the game, he will endlessly shoot you with arrows over and over until you kill him and the arrows actually deal a hefty amount of damage (2 hearts without armor). If you move left and right while progressing on him or around him while you are near him, it is possible to dodge his attacks, making it very easy to kill him as skeletons have no other attack besides their bow. However, they have a very rare drop of dropping a bow or an even rarer drop of an enchanted bow.

Possible Drops:  

  • Bone – Common
  • Arrow – Uncommon
  • Bow – Very Uncommon
  • Enchanted bow – EXTREMELY Uncommon


Minecraft for Noobs - Part 3: Creeper
While skeletons are the most annoying mob in the game, creepers are by far the most dangerous if you let them explode near you or if they sneak up behind you. They will nearly kill you on easy or normal, and 100% will kill you on hard with no armor if they are near you. These mobs will simply explode if they are near you for long enough and will deal hefty damage without the proper equipment on. They are the only way in the game besides dungeons to obtain gunpowder, the key ingredient in TNT, though.

Possible Drops:

  • Gunpowder – Common


Fastest basic mob in the game, they will chase you down and be able to hit you unless you are sprinting without colliding with terrain and deal a decent amount of damage. Also, they are the only ground mob in the game besides cave spiders that are able to climb walls, so be careful if you think you are safe just because it is below you on a cliff, it CAN still get to you. However, this mob drops a key ingredient for creating bows, string.

Possible Drops:

  • String – Common
  • Spider Eye – Uncommon

In the next article, I will cover the neutral mobs in the game as of this point and their various drops while also explaining their importance to the game. However, I will not be including villagers. They will be saved for a future article.

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