Minecraft for Noobs – Part 4: Neutral Mobs

Minecraft for Noobs

In this article in the Minecraft for Noobs Series, I”ll be covering the various mobs you could find on the surface and how they could impact the game based on their drops and such.

Minecraft Pig

MInecraft For Noobs: Pigs
Pigs are a primary source of food, but that is also the only thing they provide in the game at the moment. However, because of a future update, pigs will be receiving a greater drop in meat which will make them more or equal in value to cows in terms of meat values. They can however turn into Zombie Pigmen if they are to get struck by lightning (an EXTREMELY rare circumstance). You can also attach a saddle to a pig which allows you to ride it, however you do not have control over the pig although in a snapshot, Mojang has added an item that allows you to control the direction the pig is travelling in and allows you to make the pig jump at your own will. Also because they are a cattle animal, they can be bred.

Possible Drops:

  • Raw Porkchop – Very common

Minecraft Cow

MInecraft For Noobs: Cows
Cows are a very valuable early-phase cattle animal as they provide large sums of meat and also provide a chance to drop leather which can be used to craft leather armor along with saddles (for pigs) but they do not provide much other utility. Likewise with all cattle, they can be bred.

Possible Drops:

  • Raw Beef – Very common
  • Leather – Slightly uncommon

Minecraft Chicken

MInecraft For Noobs: Chicken
Chickens, the annoying of all cattle animals in Minecraft. They will make annoying bawking sounds outside your base, run away at high speeds when attacked (although sometimes they panic and just fly around depending on how you hit them) and other various actions that cause them to be annoying. But, they do provide a good amount of hunger if their meat is eaten after being cooked along with dropping a key ingredient to arrows, which is the ammo for a bow, called feathers. They also randomly spawn eggs while they walk around, not necessarily a drop.

Possible Drops:

  • Raw Chicken – Common
  • Feather – Common

In the next article I will be discussing the randomly generated zones that you spawn in and walk around between called Biomes, be sure to check it out to get informed on what each Biome is and is useful for.

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